Seeking a roommate/couple in East Harlem -

Hello! My husband are I are looking for a roommate or another couple to join us in our two bedroom apartment. We live in East Harlem. Our roommates are moving out in June, as our lease will be up by then. We have only lived in this area for about a year and we aren’t ready to leave! The rooms in the apartment are on opposite ends. The room available for rent is a bit smaller than ours, however, our friends who are moving out managed fine and loved it! The room available also has access to the fire escape and is on the quiet side of the apartment (as our room is right next to 1st Ave) The apartment itself was renovated right before we moved in last summer, so the kitchen and the bathroom are beautiful! The room available has a large closet, as well as a coat closet right outside of the entrance. Since my husband and I have the larger room, our current roommates utilize the coat closet for their belongings as well. We are right next to Target, Marshalls, Costco, and many more stores. We live a few blocks from the 6 train at 116th, and then a little walk to 4/5/6 at 125. We also live very close to the M15 SBS, which gets you downtown on the east side very efficiently. We are right next to the river, which provides easy access to a walking/running/biking trail, which then leads to access to Randalls Island. PS we love Jesus a lot! Message us if you are interested, we can provide more details and answer any questions!

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