We exist to connect people to life-changing relationships and opportunities in New York City. It’s through connection to God and others that you live out your unique calling and mission. This platform is here to help you make those connections happen.

To make this vision a reality, partnership is a must. We are sponsored by multiple organizations:

Our Story

Connect-NYC.com is a result of the expressed needs of young adults in NYC. Many people from various ministries have seen these same needs and thought an online platform could be a great resource. This platform was founded and is spearheaded by the millennials network of Cru, and now done in partnership Navigators, InterVarsity, Christian Union, New York City Leadership Center, and College Young Life. We believe that in a city like New York, it is necessary to work together

The hope is to provide a hub that serves as a practical resource to our friends, recent graduates, partner organizations, and churches of the city.

How to Get Started

You’re always free to browse current posts in Connect-NYC.com. To create or respond to a post you must register and create a profile. Feel free to search for keywords or navigate through our main categories (housing, events, churches). Map view and list view is available for you to determine the location of specific posts and posts will expire after 45 days. If you have support issues, please contact us.

So create a post, find a connection, event or opportunity that might help you thrive in the city!

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